Since its inception. HITTCO TOOLS LIMITED has been offering range of High Speed Steel Twist Drills and Taps.As a part of our expansion plans, and changing customer requirements, HITTCO has started manufacturing from 2008 different types of CARBIDE TOOLS – Drill, Reamers, End Mills and other Special Tools, using the latest CNC 6 Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder Machines. All our tools are made using GERMAN raw materials.

HITTCO precision drills and taps are available in various grades of High Speed Steel like M-2 / M-35 / M-42 which are supplied by the best mills from Europe. Attention is given to the specific requirements of individual customer in terms of selection of suitable steel grade, profile, geometry, and dimensions to match special application requirements.

HITTCO has been continuously directing its efforts to provide products and service of highest quality for complete customer satisfaction. As a result of HITTCO products is well accepted within India as well as in many countries in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Far-East.

This catalogue is entirely devoted to HITTCO range of twist drills. Information has been provided in terms of different types / varieties of twist drills manufactured with brief notes on their construction and possible applications. Geometric / profile features have been described for each listed drill. All Indian and International standards possible to manufacture have been indicated to take care of needs of India and overseas buyers.